Amritsar, the culinary capital of Punjab is gastronomical, cultural and renowned for its food. A food paradise for all foodies, Amritsar has spicy, tangy street foods, delectable and authentic choice of cuisines that offer an array of palatable flavours for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Amritsar gives a peek into Punjab’s lovely culinary culture by offering an aromatic choice of spices and bona fide array flavours. Amritsar is a top pick for a culinary experience. With an assortment of cuisines available, Wine and Dine, centrally located at Mall Road is regarded as the best non-veg restaurant in Amritsar, and a retreat for all non-vegetarians.

With flavours that always manage to serenade your tastebuds, we, at Wine and Dine- by Pilade Khilade are a multi-cuisine fine dining restaurant. From Indian to Continental, Oriental to International, we offer flavours from all around the world. With a diverse range of foods and unique flavours to delve into, our carefully curated menu is sure to appeal to all. We have a combination of both- vegetarian and non vegetarian options, our chefs of repute skillfully prepare all dishes. We are widely known for our non-vegetarian food that is devoured by our patrons. The quality of our food is premium. We are the epitome of fine dining in Amritsar and regarded to be the best non-veg restaurant in Amritsar

Each of our cuisines have a speciality non-veg dish that make us the best non-vegetarian restaurant in Amritsar:

  1. Indian Speciality : True to our roots, we offer an extensive, fulfilling range of Indian dishes. With a perfect combination of modern flavours and traditional spices, our regional foods satisfy the palate. In our non-veg options, we offer an all-time favourite of our customers, the Lasooni Murgh Tikka a tandoori dish where slices of chicken is marinated in garlic and green chilli marinade which is grilled On broad skewers topped with brown garlic. For our main course, a chef's special is the Black Pepper Chicken, deliciously spicy chicken stir fried with bell peppers and onions over a brown herb sauce flavored with ground black pepper.

  2. Continental Speciality : We at Wine and Dine are known for our unmatched continental cuisine from European dishes, Mexican to Italian- that are authentic in their ingredients and true to their name, our dishes give a bite into the world of herbs and spices. From the vibrant continent of Europe, our lavish enchiladas and cheesy risottos guarantee to leave you salivating. Our Continental special is our Stuffed Sole Paupiettes in Vin Blanc, which is a gherkin and green onion stuffed sole fish with saute veggies and wine flavoured sauce. This dish is a fusion of flavours and is a top pick for all non vegetarians.

  3. Oriental Speciality : Our oriental food spanning the lengths of Asia bring a fragrant tang and hints of coconut sure to tingle your taste buds. With aromatic and authentic flavours an oriental favourite is the sesame chilly fried chicken with schezwan sauce, a golden brown crisp strips of chicken with sesame seeds chilly tossed in schezwan sauce. Our patrons love our oriental non-veg.

  4. International platter : Our global dishes from around the world offer steaks, grilled fish and baked veg. Our fusion cuisines that blend flavours from different regions and add a zest of spices to make each dish delicious and mouth watering. Our Chicken Peri Peri Pino served with peri peri sauce, herb rice and stir fried vegetables is an international favourite. Our foods have a fusion of flavours.

Our non-veg dishes prepared by connoisseurs that cook meat to perfection and add flavours that keep you salivating is one of the reasons we are the best non-veg restaurant in Amritsar.

Our drinks menu perfectly complements every dish. With a choice of buzzing cocktails, mocktails and liqueurs that adds a zest of tang, we have a drink to compliment each and every dish. From our hand-crafted mocktails like Sunrise Mocktail and Fruit Punch that is exclusively curated at Wine and Dine and are all-time favourites, as well as the regular menu and pick of drinks, We create a diverse menu of drinks that will satisfy every customer. Our diverse menu of drinks are a suitable accompaniment to your non-veg food choices.

Apart from our diverse, succulent non-veg menu even the atmosphere here at Wine and Dine is one of the core reasons we are regarded to be the best non-veg restaurant in Amritsar. Our interiors bring out an eclectic atmosphere, our ambient lighting, environment and food and drinks stand apart from other non-veg restaurants in Amritsar. Perfect for every meeting, augmenting every rendez vous and adding a sense of pleasance and comfort to every outing- we make a mark in the food industry in terms of customer experience and food and drinks. We, at Wine and Dine have live music that effortlessly accompanies your favourite non-veg food and assures a utopian experience.

With choices in chicken, seafood and other meats, we, at Wine and Dine offers a wide array of options in non-vegetarian dishes, making us the best non-veg restaurant in Amritsar. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian variants, our food and service are of impeccable quality. People experience an enjoyable and hassle free environment. We offer a consistency in quality, service and style that sets new standards in the food industry. Our services make you feel at home. Enjoy the exotic and exclusive flavours of the kitchen at Wine and Dine. We make a mark for the best non-veg restaurant in Amritsar that is satisfactory in all its aspects, we assure an experience you will cherish for years to come.