Amritsar is the culinary capital of Punjab and is studded with restaurants that exhibit everything there is to love about Amritsar’s heritage. The unsurpassed food, unrivaled hospitality and warm, homely aura that gives a peek into Punjab’s culture. Mall Road in Amritsar is one of the top places to visit for delicious eateries. Buzzing with fun activities and a culture that is unparalleled to any other, Restaurants in Mall Road are surely top of the line. With high-end eateries sprinkled across the city, one of the best restaurants in Amritsar that tops the list is Wine and Dine.

We, at Wine and Dine by Pilade Khilade, are a multi-cuisine restaurant and bar located at the iconic city and heart of Punjab- Amritsar. We are centered at the buzzing mall road in Amritsar with an eclectic ambiance and a delectable array of dishes. We definitely prove to be a sought after eatery for lavish lunches and dinners amongst the youth.

Beginning with our interiors that boast of a mood lit atmosphere, Wine and Dine’s ambient lighting and environment are a few of the core reasons due to which we are regarded as one of the desirable and best restaurants in mall road, Amritsar. The adornments, lights and soulful music warrant a comfort-ridden, luxurious experience to our patrons. We at Wine and Dine have live music that effortlessly accompanies your meals and assures a utopian experience. With enigmatic and indulgent affairs we guarantee nothing but a good time.

Why Wine and Dine is the best Restaurant in Amritsar ?

Wine and Dine located at mall road in Amritsar, Punjab is famous for its authentic flavors offered by the tempting range of sizzlers, tandoori delights, and continental dishes prepared by our chefs of repute drives customers to our restaurant in mall road. Our fine dining offers a cordon bleu that is suitable for any and every occasion. The special range of mocktails, cocktails, and liqueurs are carefully curated to ensure we quench the thirst and satisfy our client's palate through a fusion of flavors. With a broad, extensive range of cuisine variants from:

  • Indian : We have some delectable Indian dishes to choose from that are a perfect combination of aromatic spices and traditional flavours. Our virtuoso chefs prepare regional dishes that are sure to satisfy your palate. We have a range of options from succulent paneer tikka to mouth-watering marinated chicken. Our food is of premium quality and is a blend of palpating flavours

  • Continental : We at Wine and Dine are known for our unparalleled continental cuisine- from collective European dishes, Mexican to Italian- that are authentic in their ingredients and true to their name- Our dishes give a bite into the world of herbs and spices. From the vibrant continent of Europe, Our lavish enchiladas and cheesy risottos guarantee to leave you salivating.

  • Oriental : Wine and Dines oriental cuisine with aromatic foods from all of Asia. Our specialised menu including dishes from Japan, China and Thailand that bring to you fragrant tang of coconut with seasonings and condiments sure to tingle your taste buds. The pan Asian cuisine is delectable and mouthwatering to any and every Asian food lover.

  • International platter : Our global dishes from around the world that incorporate array of steaks, grilled fish and baked veg. Our fusion cuisines that blend flavours from different regions and add a zest of spices to make each dish delicious and mouth watering. These tempting and sizzling dishes is what sets us apart from other restaurants in mall road, Amritsar.

We, at Wine and Dine, provide aromatic, succulent, palatable flavors worth taking a bite into. Our foods and meals that are young and fun yet rooted in its culinary traditions that span over the length and width of the country which is what makes us stand out and be renowned for being the best restaurant in Amritsar, located at mall road. Every element works together to contract an unforgettable experience- from our skillful chefs who create exquisite dishes, our elegant interiors coupled with the scrumptious beverages and live music that escalates the picturesque experience of our patrons.

We also are regarded for relishing love-struck couples in the ambient eatery that makes romancing easier. The dinner date experience is amped up by our surroundings leaving every couple in a passionate fervour with our drinks and food. We create the essence of romance and demonstrate our ability to be a renowned restaurant in the food industry making us the best place for a dinner date and a top choice restaurant in mall road, Amritsar.

Dinner dates are undoubtedly one of the most effortless ways to rejoice a romantic night with your loved one. We at Wine and Dine are home to some exciting dishes, serene atmosphere, and soulful music. We endeavor to make your day even more special by being a prudent restaurant for dinner dates in mall road, Amritsar. We fabricate an exceptional escapade as the best place for dinner and restaurants for dinner dates.

Be it a dinner date with your partner, a special family lunch with your close ones or any rendezvous you wish, our aura creates the perfect essence to bask in any company. We at Wine and Dine create a flexible atmosphere that can be suitable for every nature of meeting. With delectable food that is loved by all- be it aged or young. We offer a vibe that is classic with a twist, our dishes are flavourful and cater to a unique taste palate that satisfies all. The cordon bleu offered by us appeals to all appetites. Our fusion flavours that combine aromatic oriental food with delicious european flavours makes us stand apart to be the best restaurant in Amritsar

Wine and Dinemakes its mark for the best restaurant in Amritsar that is satisfactory in all its aspects, we assure an experience you will cherish for years to come.