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A couple that feast’ together, stays together. Sharing a meal is an eternally popular date idea. It’s a special dinner date that brings two lovers closer together and rekindles a seasoned romance. Dinner dates are always soaked in romance. Epitomized by passion and allure, Wine and Dine by Pilade Khilade definitely proves to be a sought after romantic dinner date restaurant. Located at the heart of Punjab, Wine and Dine fabricates an exceptional escapade for an affectionate couple.

Being romantic can be exhausting at times, but with the help of mood lit surroundings, glittering atmosphere and warm auras, romancing gets easier. Wine and Dine warrants a love-struck couple to relish in the ambient eatery of the restaurant. We, here at Wine and Dine, are one of the best dinner date Restaurants in Amritsar. We ensure that we augment to the amorous rendezvous of our patrons. Our perfect ambience coupled with delectable cuisines make your dinner date unforgettable. The aura, music and meals elevates the couple that is enjoying eachothers company basking in the warm glow of love on a pleasant night.

Wine and Dine interiors boast of an electric, subtle and mood lit atmosphere. The low-key yet striking tone of the restaurant surely amps up the romance between you and your partner and is nothing but desirable for a dinner date. Our lights, beautiful adornments and vibe of the restaurant makes for a comfort ridden experience for the couple. The live music in our restaurant can be the perfect accompaniment to your romantic dinner date experience. The soft glow, dim lights and resonating music-interlude around you will leave you both feeling ardent.

Wine and Dine’s multi-cuisine fine dining offers any cordon bleu that would interest you and your partner. From Oriental, Continental to Indian you can be assured to dive into a world of flavours and experiment your palate with your loved one on your special dinner date. Classic-contemporary fusion meals with your significant other will surely be mutually pleasing and extremely indulgent. Our special range of mocktails, liqueurs and cocktails are curated to satisfy the appetite of the doting couple. Our food will escalate the picturesque moment they share together on their romantic dinner date.

Every element of our eatery works together to contract a utopian, fairy tale experience. Our skillful chefs create exquisite dishes designed not only to give off flavourful tastes but also unique delicate aromas, which are nothing but delightful to rejoice in. The exciting blend of zing in our drinks will create a buzz in the air between the two. Finally, the mood lighting at Wine and Dine is perfect for a romantic dinner date and will leave your partner and you in a passionate fervour. Dinner dates are undoubtedly one of the most effortless ways to enjoy a graceful night with the one you love. Wine and Dine is located in the glorious, iconic city of Amritsar. It is a restaurant adored by most for a romantic experience. We create the essence of romance and demonstrate our ability to be a renowned restaurant in the food industry for a relaxing dinner date.

Wine and Dine is home to the most unique foods, serene atmospheres and soulful music- everything you would want for a perfect dinner date. Wine and Dine by Pilade Khilade endeavours to make your special day, more special.

Visit Wine and Dine for a memorable date night experience that you will cherish for years to come.

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